Welcome to Your Milk Shoppe!

Hey Mamas!

We are Amber and Kimmie, co-founders of Your Milk Shoppe, and we’re so happy you are here.

We are sisters-in-law and dear friends that became moms within just a few months of each other, states apart from one another. During that time, we struggled. A lot. And we researched. A lot. And we realized that while we each struggled with this transition to motherhood in our own ways, there were a lot of similarities in our journey, and we weren’t as alone as we felt.

We knew we wanted better for our fellow moms, and were called to create a space we wished we would’ve had: a place to receive encouragement, community, and the option to hire out services that overwhelmed us. Because you deserve it, and you deserve peace of mind to be the best version of yourself, for you, and for your bests during this time.

So that’s what we do. As Certified Maternity Consultants, we focus 100% on Mama’s experience, helping her navigate the diverse interworkings of preparing for motherhood, throughout that first year, and beyond. We do this because we love supporting women, and firmly believe that in this messy, complicated, beautiful ride, we are better together.


Amber Michels & Kimmie Johnson

Meet Your Milk Shoppe Consultants! 



Jaymee Castle

Jaymee Castle

Knoxville, TN

Navigating multiple pregnancies, maternity leaves and back to work transitions, all while parenting three very different babies has led Jaymee to fully understand how critical it is for mama’s to have a strong support system in place.  

Jaymee is so excited to bring the mission and services of Your Milk Shoppe to Tennessee.  She is honored to have the opportunity to provide support to both moms-to-be as they  prepare to welcome their sweet babies into this world and to the many busy moms of Knoxville as they journey through their busiest seasons of life.

Laura Buoch

Laura Buoch

Atlanta, GA

During her nearly a decade of nannying for a number of different families with kids of all ages, Laura learned how to take charge of the household and understand the bigger picture.  Having picked up on all the little things involved with motherhood, she found herself being called on by a number of mommies-to-be to consult them on where to begin and how to make decisions in an overwhelming world of choices.

While exploring how to support mothers from a broader standpoint in a more entrepreneurial setting, Laura discovered Your Milk Shoppe as a perfect platform to help others.

Laura is a native Atlantan and was born in Buckhead.  She loves her in-town life and can’t wait to bring Your Milk Shoppe “ITP”!

Lindsay Neely

Lindsay Neely

Greenville, SC

Lindsay believes you need to find “your people” in life. These are the people who you laugh with, celebrate with, and even cry with. You especially need “your people” during times of big change.

When Lindsay had her boy/girl twins, she was thankful to have her people in place. They were an incredible help—especially since she had lost her mother after a brief illness a few months earlier. She believes that every mom in every situation needs to have people to help her through this rewarding but challenging and often exhausting stage.

Lindsay is a Greenville native who has been here her whole life, and so she is especially equipped to help moms in the upstate connect with the community they need. She considers it a blessing to be able to do this as part of the Your Milk Shoppe team, and she’s eager to work with Your Milk Shoppe to help moms find their people along their journey of motherhood

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