About Your Milk Shoppe

Your Milk Shoppe offers affordable maternity services to mothers from the beginning of their pregnancy into the many years of parenting ahead. Our goal is to empower and lift up moms by assisting them in planning for their new arrival, and providing them with many helpful tools and resources along the way. Your Milk Shoppe is the milk that keeps the moms alive throughout their parenting journey – because moms need milk, too!

Your Milk Shoppe has completed rigorous professional training through Baby Planner, Inc. and Baby Planner University which reflects dedication to outstanding client management, service, and business practices.

Amber Michels | Founder & CEO | Greenville, SC

Not long after Amber and her husband welcomed their first baby into the world, she began to wonder if going back to Corporate America was right for her and her family. Upon becoming a mom her focus shifted and she soon grew very comfortable with her newfound role.

She found herself giving other mothers unconditional support when they needed it most, establishing a certain sisterhood that only moms can experience. From the relationships that Amber built and from hearing the stories fellow mothers shared with her, a true passion was born.

Amber knew that she wanted to help other moms through all stages of motherhood – moms-to-be, new moms, and moms on the go. She envisioned helping them by assisting them in planning and preparing for their unborn children and supporting them throughout their parenting journey.



Kimmie Johnson | Co-Founder & COO | Chicago, IL

After a generous maternity leave, Kimmie returned to her 8-5…but quickly realized that return would be short-lived. She and her husband decided that the best move for their family would be for her to stay home with their son. While she embraced this new role with love and appreciation, leaving the workforce created an unexpected void in her heart.

As Amber’s sister-in-law, Kimmie had been around Your Milk Shoppe since its very first conceptual days. She’d been a sounding board and cheerleader, offering feedback and two-cent tidbits along the way. Inspired by watching this idea blossom into a mission serving women, she enthusiastically accepted the invitation to join Amber in June 2016.

Kimmie began writing the weekly blog for Your Milk Shoppe, and quickly fell in love with the industry and the client base that it supports: fellow mamas, in the most exciting (and nerve-wracking!) time of their life — expanding their family.



Ginny Lawler | Maternity Consultant | Atlanta, GA

There is no bigger role in this world to fill than that of a mom. Ginny has always believed that every mom deserves to have someone in their corner, and has never met one whom she didn’t want to connect with, to help, to support and to empower.

Ginny has extensive experience in working with mothers and children of all ages. Her passion for supporting moms was ignited when she began nannying and babysitting. She found herself continually going back to that place of wanting to help families keep their head above water by caring for their children. Ginny has been in charge of full households, she has taken care of numerous families for years, and it is now time for her to turn this passion and experience into her career, her calling. While working in Corporate America, she spent the last few years feeling like something was missing in her life. Becoming a Maternity Consultant with Your Milk Shoppe has led her to believe that those were the missing pieces. 

Ginny is thrilled to be able to bring her dreams and the dreams of Your Milk Shoppe to Atlanta. The dreams that allow her to inspire and empower moms, and support all aspects of the family, no matter where they are in their journey.



Lindsay Neely | Maternity Consultant | Greenville, SC

Lindsay believes you need to find “your people” in life. These are the people who you laugh with, celebrate with, and even cry with. You especially need “your people” during times of big change.

When Lindsay had her boy/girl twins, she was thankful to have her people in place. They were an incredible help—especially since she had lost her mother after a brief illness a few months earlier. She believes that every mom in every situation needs to have people to help her through this rewarding but challenging and often exhausting stage.

Lindsay is a Greenville native who has been here her whole life, and so she is especially equipped to help moms in the upstate connect with the community they need. She considers it a blessing to be able to do this as part of the Your Milk Shoppe team, and she’s eager to work with Your Milk Shoppe to help moms find their people along their journey of motherhood



Lauren Daylami | Maternity Consultant | Charleston, SC

Lauren is beyond excited to bring Your Milk Shoppe to all the mommies in Charleston, SC!

Her passion and understanding of the need for prenatal and postpartum assistance began when she was pregnant with her son. She started connecting with other mamas and realized she was not alone in the struggle. It is okay to ask for help… all mothers do! As a consultant for YMS she will to take her knowledge and spread the wealth!

In Lauren’s spare time you will find her galavanting around her beautiful city and its’ beaches with her family and two fur babies! She’s very excited to start meeting all the Charleston mamas!



Sarah Slazyk | Maternity Consultant | Columbia, SC & Charlotte, NC

From as early as she can remember, Sarah has loved all things mom & baby. Her passion for child development and motherhood began in her early years and has only grown stronger. With over 14 years of child care experience and a degree in child and family development, she hopes to bring insightful knowledge & perspectives, continuous support, and positive encouragement to all her families!

After a long day of empowering mommies, you can find her singing at a concert, traveling with her amazing beau, eating delicious foods, and sipping on a glass of Sauvignon Blanc!

Sarah resides in Columbia, SC, but you may see her popping around Charlotte, NC, too!



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